Can we send you $700 in Website Traffic For free?

We're publishing a market case study to see how website traffic and AI-powered engagements can help restaurants get more conversions.

We are searching for a restaurant owner in your vicinity who is open to allowing us to allocate up to $700 for geofence advertising on platforms such as the Weather Channel, ESPN, Food Network, News Networks, and numerous other websites and apps.

Get $700 In FREE Traffic

We are publishing a market case study to see how combining geofenced traffic from your past, present, and competitor customers and AI-powered engagements can help restaurants convert more visitors with a social media-style conversion video. That builds instant trust and guides visitors to take specific actions.

There is no charge for this study. You just need to cover the mobile carrier costs to send and receive messages during the 14-day free study (Max $97) AND be willing to let us interview you about the results on Zoom when we're done. (Worth $697 monthly). Study Includes Helping Website Visitors:

  • Discover your restaurant with up to $700 in geofenced traffic.

  • Enjoy dine-in, take-out, delivery, and catering orders.

  • Find solutions to Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Effortlessly secure online reservations.

  • Schedule meetings or calls for groups of 20 or more.

  • Organize online fundraisers tailored for nonprofits.

  • Access outstanding 24/7 customer support.

  • Share valuable reviews and receive prompt responses.

"Let's face it. When it comes to prompting visitors to take specific actions, website traffic consistently outperforms social media traffic due primarily to intent-driven engagements. However, the harsh reality is that even with your most diligent efforts to drive traffic, less than 4% of these website visitors follow through with any action. Hence, if a restaurant gets 1,000 website conversions out of 25,000 yearly visitors, a 20% boost in traffic might lead to 200 extra dine-in, take-out, delivery, curbside, catering, large group, reservation, and fundraising orders. This enhancement also paves the way for increased customer reviews, feedback, and referrals.

Gain AI Systems That Scale Your Restaurant

If you're using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, G.P.S., or other A.I. systems to streamline your daily tasks, it's safe to assume that your customers are doing the same. Now, you can offer your customers AI-powered systems to assist them with tasks at your restaurant, seamlessly integrated with your P.O.S. system and calendars, even after business hours when many people search for answers to their questions and requests. It frees up your staff's time and sets the stage for a potential profit increase of at least 15% or more over time by boosting sales and cutting down on labor costs. Here are some ways A.I. systematizes tasks that directly contribute to your restaurant's success during and after the study.


Unanswered Call Text-Back

Tackle the frequent issue of missed calls in restaurants, where 6 out of 10 calls are unanswered during peak times. Effectively handle all missed calls, whether your restaurant is busy or closed, to reduce wait times and promptly address customer queries. Automation allows immediate responses to common questions while humans continuously review and enhance the system's response to various topics, such as operating hours, specials, online orders, reservations, catering, fundraising, groups, directions, careers, menus, reviews, and more. (Worth $149+ per month)

STOP LOSING UP TO $400+ A DAY in Missed Orders!


Communications Dashboard

Simplify restaurant management by centralizing your communication channels and incorporating AI automation for convenience. Our system seamlessly merges Google messaging, SMS text responses, Instagram/Facebook messages, email correspondence, 24/7 web chats, appointment scheduling, missed phone calls, and more. It ensures that every message is promptly reviewed within a minute and responded to immediately with conversational AI. Reclaim valuable time by saving a week's worth of employee labor for every 40 hours redirected from routine tasks!



Reservation Automation

Provide your customers with real-time availability information 24/7, allowing them to choose their preferred dates and times based on accurate and up-to-date information. Additionally, automated systems can send reservation confirmations, reminders, and updates via email or SMS, keeping customers informed and engaged throughout the reservation process. (Worth $249+ per month)



Unlimited Group Appointments

Increase your call bookings and boost group sales effortlessly with a 24/7 AI Assistant. Each appointment seamlessly integrates into your group sales calendar, allowing you to concentrate on closing deals. This cutting-edge system employs smart scheduling, custom-tailored to efficiently handle substantial group inquiries, guaranteeing a smooth booking experience on your restaurant's calendar. (Worth $249+ per month)



Participating in our website conversion study gives you access to a comprehensive mobile app that enables you to communicate with customers using any device. Experience the ultimate streamlining of your restaurant as you automate tasks and manage everything seamlessly within the app. (Worth $49 per month per user.)

  • Manage Group Leads

  • Send and Receive Text & Email Messages

  • Make Reservations

  • Request and Respond To Reviews

  • Send Invoices, accept payments via text, etc.

  • Create New Opportunities and More

BONUS: Get 5% Cash Back on Customer Payments!

You already know that the cornerstone of any successful business is customer traffic. And success doesn't come from doing anything occasionally. It comes from doing something consistently. That's why we help restaurants always get more traffic without using cash.

Every time your guests make a card payment to your restaurant, you'll receive 5% cashback on their purchases, up to $1,000 monthly or $12,000 annually! Use this bonus to increase customer traffic, integrate the latest AI marketing systems, and increase distribution channels. The package includes:

  • Optimizing your Google Business Profile.

  • Listing your restaurant in up to 100+ directories.

  • Re-targeting past, present, and competitor customers through geofence advertising.

  • Producing podcasts/review videos.

  • Promoting eGift card and efundraiser programs.

  • Executing restaurant VIP and affiliate club.

  • Turning empty tables into guaranteed traffic

  • Free Terminal or POS and eCommerce System.

  • Emailing and texting customers to get more reviews, reservations, groups, catering, and events.

Let us drive your traffic without using cash: Audiences are the oil, and marketing systems are your rig to drill oil.


The $700 In Free Traffic Study Includes:

Just help cover the hard cost required for mobile carriers' registration, recognition, and approval of your brand, enabling you to send and receive high-volume SMS messages. The one-time expenses typically total less than $97 for mobile carrier registration and any additional usage fees during the study period.

Up to $700 In Monthly Geofenced Traffic

Taking Dine-in, Curbside, Take-out, Delivery, and Catering Orders. (FREE hardware via monthly bill credit)

Website Conversion Video

Responding to Frequently Asked Questions

Accepting Online Reservations

Setting Appointments For Groups of 20 or more

Providing Customer Service For Guests

Requesting Online Customer Reviews & Feedback

Responding to or Disputing Reviews

Unanswered Call Text-Back Automation

Automatically Asking For Friends & Family Referrals

Unified Messaging Platform

Mobile Communication App

1-on-1 On-Boarding and Training

Includes 24/7 Live Chat, Zoom Support, and All Updates

Get 5% Cash Back On Guests' Payments! To Spend On AI and Marketing Systems (BONUS)

$0 /mo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will AI Marketing Systems Improve My Restaurant Website Conversions?

The groundbreaking AI-powered ChatGPT that has taken the world by storm can now be easily integrated into your restaurant website. By utilizing the latest AI technology, restaurants can respond instantly to customer inquiries, enhance customer service, and streamline the reservation process. Automated systems can handle online orders, take reservations, set up online fundraisers for nonprofits, schedule groups of 20 or with event planners, make personalized recommendations based on customer preferences, and more.

Automation also enables the efficient collection of customer feedback and reviews, allowing restaurants to gather insights for improvement. By offering a seamless and convenient user experience, automation increases customer satisfaction, builds trust, and encourages more positive reviews and referrals, leading to higher website conversions and increased business for restaurants.

Q: Can AI Systems Replace Human Workers in Restaurants?

A. Customer experience is the key to winning more business. ChatGPT enables your restaurant to provide round-the-clock service so customers get accurate, immediate replies to their questions anytime.

AI systems can automate specific restaurant tasks but are not entirely designed to replace human workers. Instead, they can complement human workers by reducing their workload and enabling them to focus on more complex tasks and delivering 5-star hospitality.

Q: How Can AI Marketing Systems Help With Getting More 5-Star Reviews, Referrals, and Visits?

A. AI marketing systems can achieve this by identifying areas that require improvement, employing virtual assistants to provide prompt customer support, automating the review generation process, requesting friends & family referrals from customers who leave positive reviews, etc.

Google emphasizes that when businesses adopt these approaches alongside a strong focus on customer satisfaction, they can significantly increase the likelihood of obtaining positive reviews, referrals, and, ultimately, more visits.

Enhanced Productivity:

By automating routine tasks, AI marketing systems free employees to focus on higher-value activities requiring creativity, problem-solving, and hospitality. It can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

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